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The BL-Style Luxury Haircare series has quickly become an insider tip among haircare lines and enjoys great popularity among customers. The products receive high recognition for their ingredients and applications. The combination of BL Style Luxury Shampoo, which possesses skincare quality, and the BL Style Luxury Conditioner prepares the hair optimally for styling with the unique BL Style Serum. The entire BL-Style Luxury series is rounded off with a specially designed authentic scent.

The BL-Style Luxury Haircare series is made from natural extracts that are paraben-free and vegan. The hair is protected from UV rays and color treatments. A special blend of exclusive active ingredients repairs the hair, gives it suppleness, and provides incredible volume for every hair type.

This unique combination of the BL-Style Luxury series emerged from over 30 years of experience in celebrity styling events and TV media work, to meet individual needs.

Products created by Bernd Lipka

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